Mr. Fox - Mr. Fox/the Gypsy

Mr. Fox - Mr. Fox/the Gypsy
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:11:37
Artist: Mr. Fox
Album: Mr. Fox/the Gypsy
Release Date: 1997
Styles: British Folk-Rock, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic/Garage

The short-lived Mr. Fox was the curious creation of Bob and Carole Pegg. Unlike many English folk rockers of their time, the two wrote most of their own material. To the casual listener, their often macabre songs sound like something straight out of the Child ballads. The band's arrangements -- mostly acoustic -- were unique to the early-'70s folk-rock scene, utilizing cello, tin whistles, melodeon, and organ. The material from the group's self-titled release comprises the richest material here and can stand beside any other English folk rock of this period (or any other). "The Hanged Man" tells the story of a hiker who becomes separated from his companions and then falls to his death. This simple story is filled with dark details -- "And roll along the pathway where the dead man used to hang" -- and is set forth with an odd combination of drums, organ, and whistles. "The Gay Goshawk" and "Salisbury Plain" also succeed in creating haunting impressions through spare combinations of instruments -- a droning fiddle, primitive percussion, and eerie organ -- that leave the listener with something akin to a medieval Velvet Underground. The crowning achievement of the group's self-titled album is the masterful story song, "Mr. Fox," a tale of deceit and severed limbs. The combination of musical dissonance and Carole Pegg's vocals create a chilling atmosphere that will haunt the listener from start to bitter finish. The material on The Gipsy is more straightforward, covering traditional pieces like "House Carpenter" and "All the Good Times." While less exciting than the Mr. Fox material, songs like the medieval rap of "Aunt Lucy Broadwood" shouldn't be missed. Mr. Fox/the Gipsy is a fine release, and should serve to give belated recognition to an important group from the heyday of English folk rock.

Join Us in Our Game / Bob Pegg / Carolanne PeggMr. Fox2:57
The Hanged Man / Bob PeggMr. Fox4:19
The Gay Goshawk / Carolanne PeggMr. Fox3:19
Rip Van Winkle / Bob PeggMr. Fox4:28
Mr. Thrill's Song / Ashley Hutchings / Bob PeggMr. Fox2:56
Little WomanMr. Fox2:37
Salisbury Plain / Ashley Hutchings / Carolanne PeggMr. Fox5:22
The Ballad of Neddy Dick / Bob PeggMr. Fox2:52
Leaving the Dales / Bob PeggMr. Fox3:36
Mr. Fox / Bob PeggMr. Fox5:46
The Gipsy / Bob PeggMr. Fox12:58
Aunt Lucy Broadwood / Bob PeggMr. Fox2:22
House Carpenter / TraditionalMr. Fox5:12
Elvira Madigan / Bob PeggMr. Fox4:20
Dancing Song / Bob PeggMr. Fox3:05
All the Good Times / Bob Pegg / TraditionalMr. Fox5:28

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