Mr. Saxophone - Sing and Dance

Mr. Saxophone - Sing and Dance
Genre: Children's
Duration: 56:49
Artist: Mr. Saxophone
Album: Sing and Dance
Release Date: June 12, 2008
Mr. Saxophone SongMr. Saxophone1:14
The Happy WandererMr. Saxophone2:00
Turkey in the StrawMr. Saxophone1:27
Roll out the BarrelMr. Saxophone4:01
John Brown Jr.Mr. Saxophone3:16
Hickory HatMr. Saxophone2:09
A'rovin' WindsMr. Saxophone3:14
Let's Go Outside and PlayMr. Saxophone2:16
Folkie Dance-AlongMr. Saxophone6:43
Whoa, Horsie, Whoa!Mr. Saxophone2:36
The Duck Dance / Werner ThomasMr. Saxophone4:28
We Will Meet AgainMr. Saxophone1:20
Save the WorldMr. Saxophone2:18
Sounds of the AmazonMr. Saxophone9:58
Night Night CricketsMr. Saxophone9:49

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