Mucky Pup - The Re-Issues: A Boy in a Man's World + Now

Mucky Pup - The Re-Issues: A Boy in a Man's World + Now
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:19:20
Recording Date: 1988 & 1989
Artist: Mucky Pup
Album: The Re-Issues: A Boy in a Man's World + Now
Release Date: July 7, 2009
Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
You Stink But I Love YouMucky Pup2:44
BatmanMucky Pup1:39
SomedayMucky Pup2:20
Reagan KnewMucky Pup2:54
LandscrapersMucky Pup1:50
Never AgainMucky Pup3:25
Death by CholesterolMucky Pup2:19
P.T.L.Mucky Pup2:47
A Boy in a Man's WorldMucky Pup3:51
Little PigsMucky Pup2:33
All's CoolMucky Pup3:11
Jam ItMucky Pup3:10
Whasky WabbitMucky Pup1:25
Big FreezeMucky Pup4:40
Hippies Hate Water / D. NastasiMucky Pup3:23
Three Dead Gophers / Corey D. Marchasin / C. MilnesMucky Pup3:08
Jimmy's / D. NastasiMucky Pup3:50
Baby / C. MilnesMucky Pup2:23
She Quieffed / D. Nastasi / Mucky PupMucky Pup0:44
Feeling Sick / C. Milnes / J. MilnesMucky Pup1:54
A Headbanger's Balls & 120 Minutes / C. MilnesMucky Pup1:40
My Hands Your Neck / C. MilnesMucky Pup3:20
Face / C. MilnesMucky Pup2:31
Hotel Penitentiary / D. NastasiMucky Pup3:06
Mucky Pumpin Beat / D. Nastasi / Mucky PupMucky Pup3:12
I Know Nobody / C. Milnes / D. NastasiMucky Pup2:37
Walkin with the Devil / B. Milnes / C. MilnesMucky Pup1:48
Yesterdays / D. NastasiMucky Pup2:35
To by Lonely / D. NastasiMucky Pup4:21

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