Ned Collette - Future Suture

Ned Collette - Future Suture
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 49:59
Recording Date: 2006 - 2007
Artist: Ned Collette
Album: Future Suture
Release Date: 2007
Recording Location: Melbourne, Australia
Styles: Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Alternative/Indie Rock

The opening moments of Ned Collette's second record are a lark, picking up from the exact musical and instrumental tone of his debut, but they do not stay that way. From there the album morphs into a number of new forms, into smoke-ring guitar solos and phasing electronic atmospherics. It retains all of the appeal of the debut but feels like a mutation of it more than a specific growth or refutation; the transition between the two has the feel of a roadtrip from the countryside to the city. The company remains constant, and good. It says something about the delicacy of that first release that the opening guitar lines of a track like "Show Your Hand" feel almost psychedelic, and the shift to a martial verse right afterward seems outright daring. But despite these instrumental differences, Collette's voice remains as lyrically and emotively appealing as ever, at once elliptic and conversational. By creating a work so artistically true to its predecessor but sonically expanded, Collette handily sidesteps any question of a sophomore slump.

First Love / Ned ColletteNed Collette3:36
Sell Your Life / Ned ColletteNed Collette5:48
Forty Children / Ned ColletteNed Collette3:45
Show Your Hand / Ned ColletteNed Collette6:19
The Country with a Smile / Ned ColletteNed Collette4:55
Winter Holiday / Ned ColletteNed Collette4:52
Ned's Dream / Ned ColletteNed Collette6:55
Lost and Found / Ned ColletteNed Collette7:46
Race / Ned ColletteNed Collette6:03

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