Nell Bryden - Day for Night

Nell Bryden - Day for Night
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 50:45
Artist: Nell Bryden
Album: Day for Night
Release Date: 2003
Recording Location: Emerald Studios; Ocean Way Studios, Nashville, TN
Daylight / Nell BrydenNell Bryden4:40
Red / Nell BrydenNell Bryden3:19
Disappear / Nell BrydenNell Bryden3:37
Meridian / Nell BrydenNell Bryden4:33
Day for Night / Nell BrydenNell Bryden2:44
Jetblack Sunrise / Nell Bryden / Fred MollinNell Bryden6:05
Alone / Nell BrydenNell Bryden3:45
Holding Out / Nell BrydenNell Bryden5:13
White Rose / Nell BrydenNell Bryden5:19
View of the East River from Atlantic Avenue / Nell Bryden / Fred MollinNell Bryden3:13
I'm Gonna Be Strong / Barry Mann / Cynthia WeilNell Bryden8:17
Song for Honey / Nell BrydenNell Bryden

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