Noel Hill - Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon

Noel Hill - Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon
Genre: International
Duration: 52:40
Recording Date: October 18, 1985 - October 20, 1985
Artist: Noel Hill
Album: Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon
Release Date: 1992
Recording Location: Dan Connell's Pub, Cnoc Na Grai
Styles: Celtic

Along with ace accordionist Tony MacMahon, Hill played three evenings in a pub in county Cork in October 1985. The sessions were taped and a live album produced. It's the kind of album that makes you wish you'd been there.

The Humours of Castlefin/The TemplehouseNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon2:29
The Ashplant/The Black-Haired Lass/Jenny Picking CocklesNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon3:21
Port Na BpucaiNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon6:16
Young Tom Ennis, Cooley's JigNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon3:20
The Pure Drop/Chattering Magpie/Crowley's ReelNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon3:44
The New Custom House ReelNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon3:19
The Gold RingNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon3:38
Cooley's Jig/The Connachtman's RamblesNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon3:22
The Old Concertina Reel/Come West Along the RoadNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon2:16
The Ace and Deuce of PipingNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon3:29
The Moving Bog/The Green Groves of ErinNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon2:29
Paul HalfpennyNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon2:39
The Limerick Lassies, the New-Mown MeadowNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon4:22
The Humours of Drinagh/The Trip to AthloneNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon3:15
Aisling GhaelNoel Hill feat: Tony MacMahon4:41

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