Offending - Age of Perversion

Offending - Age of Perversion
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 41:20
Artist: Offending
Album: Age of Perversion
Release Date: 2012
Recording Location: Blind Noise Studio, Saintes; Decrepit Studio; Drudenhaus Studio; Echoes Studio
Styles: Heavy Metal
Infested By His Burden / Jesus "The Butcher" / OffendingOffending6:47
Within This World / Jesus "The Butcher" / OffendingOffending4:28
Modern Enslavement / Jesus "The Butcher" / OffendingOffending4:48
Dominion XXI / Jesus "The Butcher" / OffendingOffending4:34
Religion Depravity / Jesus "The Butcher" / OffendingOffending2:30
Age of Perversion / Jesus "The Butcher" / OffendingOffending4:45
Hopeless Submission / Jesus "The Butcher" / OffendingOffending5:06
Raped by Religion / Jesus "The Butcher" / OffendingOffending4:14
Devotion / Jesus "The Butcher" / OffendingOffending4:08

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