Original Soundtrack - Thirteen

Original Soundtrack - Thirteen
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 58:21
Artist: Original Soundtrack
Album: Thirteen
Release Date: August 19, 2003
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Singer/Songwriter, Soundtracks

Catherine Hardwicke's controversial teen drama Thirteen has already been compared to Larry Clark's Kids, the quintessential controversial teen drama, and the film's soundtrack only heightens those comparisons. Both Thirteen and its predecessor feature an eclectic, often hard-hitting collection of new and old songs, and both feature songs by Folk Implosion. This album's "Make It With the Best" isn't exactly a rewrite of the hit "Natural One" -- it's a moody, piano- and guitar-driven instrumental -- but it does take Lou Barlow and company back to that song's darker, edgier sound, which seemed to be missing from most of their later output. Hedonistic electronica and hip-hop like Kinky's "Mas" and Carmen Rizzo's "Beso" sit relatively comfortably next to Clinic's jittery "The Equaliser" and more wide-eyed fare like Katy Rose's "Lemon" and the Like's "(So I'll Sit Here) Waiting," ably reflecting the duality of the film's characters. Ironically enough, the album's most mordantly affecting track is also one of its oldest. The film's characters would've been about four-years-old when Liz Phair's "Explain It to Me" was released, but nevertheless, it's a striking anthem for sadder-but-wiser girls (and women) like them. While the soundtrack suffers from some lackluster tracks toward the end, and the excerpts from Mark Mothersbaugh's turntablism-meets-rock score sound a little forced, it's still a thoughtfully crafted and generally worthwhile collection.

Super Bad Girl / John FieldsIffy4:17
The Equaliser / Clinic / Carl TurneyClinic3:43
Ivanka / Lynn Perko / Will Schwartz / Imperial TeenImperial Teen3:17
(So I'll Sit Here) WaitingThe Like4:37
Make It With the Best / Lou Barlow / Wally Gagel / Russell PollardFolk Implosion3:55
Beso / Jamie Muhoberac / Carmen Rizzo / Kinnie StarrCarmen Rizzo / Kinnie Starr3:36
Killer Inside Me / Mark GriffinMC 900 Ft. Jesus4:53
Explain It to Me / Liz PhairLiz Phair3:10
Lemon / Kim Bullard / Katy RoseKaty Rose4:47
Pay Attention to Me / Orlando Brown / Mark CarterOrlando Brown4:15
The Freshest / Sam Hollander / Dave SchommerThe Freshmaka / Chubb Rock / Tarsha Vega2:52
Bien CalienteLos Tormentos4:03
The Shootout / Mark MothersbaughMark Mothersbaugh1:09
Hit Me / Mark MothersbaughMark Mothersbaugh1:45

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