Orsa Lia - Orsa Lia

Orsa Lia - Orsa Lia
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 29:10
Artist: Orsa Lia
Album: Orsa Lia
Release Date: 1979
Now While I Still Remember HowOrsa Lia2:55
Love Me GoodOrsa Lia3:17
No Walls, No Ceilings, No FloorsOrsa Lia3:26
What Am I Supposed to DoOrsa Lia2:52
I Never Said I Love YouOrsa Lia3:24
I Can't Hold OnOrsa Lia4:06
Seeing Things the Way They AreOrsa Lia3:46
The Men in My LifeOrsa Lia2:42
Above the Tears, Beyond the PainOrsa Lia2:42

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