Paul K. - Wilderness of Mirrors

Paul K. - Wilderness of Mirrors
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:03:43
Artist: Paul K.
Album: Wilderness of Mirrors
Release Date: June 23, 1998
Recording Location: Red Zone; Roger's House
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

A Wilderness of Mirrors ranks among Paul K.'s most ambitious and rewarding works. Comprising both the libretto and score to an imaginary film inspired by the "Book of Job," its 17 tracks tell the story of Al and Anne Broadey, subsistence farmers during the 1940s; certainly not the stuff of a typical concept LP, perhaps, but Paul K. pulls it off, his deft songwriting bringing the Broadeys' plight vividly to life.

OverturePaul K.6:22
What You Dream and What You Dream KnowPaul K.4:01
CrashPaul K.3:48
Switching Sides IPaul K.1:18
AftermathPaul K.2:44
7 Room MotelPaul K.4:39
The Doctor Will See You NowPaul K.4:46
Switching Sides IIPaul K.1:25
Imperial StatuesPaul K.3:17
Big Bad CityPaul K.2:34
Wilderness of MirrorsPaul K.4:27
The Quality of MercyPaul K.4:46
Living a Little, Laughing a Little / Thom Bell / Linda CreedPaul K.3:11
Love's AccomplicePaul K.3:29
HauntPaul K.3:23
The Bottle and the CorkPaul K.4:34
One More Form of PridePaul K.4:59

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