Paul van Dyk - Perspective

Paul van Dyk - Perspective
Genre: Electronic
Artist: Paul van Dyk
Album: Perspective
Release Date: November, 1997
Styles: Club/Dance, Trance

Paul Van Dyk has always been more noted as a remixer and DJ than a recording artist, so a compilation of his best remixes makes quite a bit of sense. Perspective is a two-disc set spanning the years 1992 through 1997, including his reworkings of tracks by BT, Amen! UK, Jens Lissat, Humate, Joe T. Vanelli and Curve plus versions of his own material. The results are much better listening than Van Dyk's own albums, perhaps since the tracks provide him with a springboard from which to jump.

TodayPaul van Dyk
My Time Is YoursPaul van Dyk
Flaming JunePaul van Dyk
PassionPaul van Dyk
Illuminate the PlanetPaul van Dyk
You Can't EscapePaul van Dyk
Seven WaysPaul van Dyk
Love StimulationPaul van Dyk
You Like That?!Paul van Dyk
Deeper LovePaul van Dyk
WordsPaul van Dyk

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