Peaceful Meadows - No Justice No Peace

Peaceful Meadows - No Justice No Peace
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 31:34
Recording Date: May 23, 1998 - May 28, 1998
Artist: Peaceful Meadows
Album: No Justice No Peace
Release Date: July 14, 1998
Recording Location: Double Time, Santee, CA
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
School of the AmericasPeaceful Meadows2:10
Sheep / Jon HendersonPeaceful Meadows2:35
False Pride / Jon HendersonPeaceful Meadows2:11
The Big BribePeaceful Meadows2:16
Dull Razor Belief System / Jon HendersonPeaceful Meadows2:30
Don't Lift a FingerPeaceful Meadows2:37
Hypocritical Punk / Jon HendersonPeaceful Meadows1:01
Kill Your BossPeaceful Meadows1:08
SharkPeaceful Meadows1:54
Lust / Jon HendersonPeaceful Meadows1:28
Mercy RulePeaceful Meadows2:19
World of ShitPeaceful Meadows1:20
Seperate But Equal / Jon HendersonPeaceful Meadows2:31
The Taking Tree IIPeaceful Meadows1:40
Laundry DayPeaceful Meadows1:22
Corporate America #1Peaceful Meadows2:32

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