Renaud - 100 Chansons 1985-2006

Renaud - 100 Chansons 1985-2006
Genre: International
Duration: 06:04:28
Artist: Renaud
Album: 100 Chansons 1985-2006
Release Date: July 26, 2006
Styles: French Pop, French Rock, French, Western European Traditions

This massive five-disc offering looks at Renaud's music in a rather odd manner in that it only goes back to 1985 and not 1976, when his recording career actually began. The early years were in a decidedly more informal and rawer style to be sure, but that's not necessarily an excuse to leave them out. What is here offers the beginnings of his return to more formal French chanson styles as well as his slicker, more pop/rock-oriented productions, with a wealth of album tracks, singles, and live cuts, and a couple of rarities.

Miss MaggieRenaud4:18
Fatigué / Franck LangolffRenaud5:14
Morts les Enfants / Franck LangolffRenaud4:02
P'tite ConneRenaud3:42
Triviale Poursuite / Franck LangolffRenaud6:13
Allongés Sous les VaguesRenaud3:49
Welcome GordyRenaud4:49
Marchand de CaillouxRenaud3:31
Le Tango des ÉlusRenaud0:51
La Ballade Nord IrlandaiseRenaud3:38
500 Connards Sur la Ligne de DépartRenaud3:44
Ma Chanson Leur a Pas Plu (Suite)Renaud3:52
Touche Pas à Ma SoeurRenaud5:02
Adios Zapata / Julien ClercRenaud4:51
Son Bleu / Jean-Louise RoquesRenaud4:04
Lolito LolitaRenaud3:27
La MédailleRenaud2:28
Manhattan-KaboulRenaud feat: Axelle Red3:52

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