Rodney Franklin - Diamond Inside of You

Rodney Franklin - Diamond Inside of You
Genre: R&B
Duration: 42:14
Artist: Rodney Franklin
Album: Diamond Inside of You
Release Date: 1988
Recording Location: Aire LA Studios, Glendale CA
Styles: Fusion, Soul, Urban

Keyboardist Rodney Franklin switched labels in the late '80s, moving to BMG from Columbia. This was his first release on a new label, and it did moderately well, particularly the single "Gotta Give It Up," with Jennifer Holiday's strong, soulful vocal. The problem with Franklin's albums, as with much fusion, is that it winds up being neither great jazz nor especially good urban contemporary, just a murky blend of both.

Malibu ShuffleRodney Franklin4:30
Gotta Give It UpRodney Franklin4:40
Stop to LoveRodney Franklin4:35
Woman of the WorldRodney Franklin4:36
Shasta WindRodney Franklin5:07
WoogieRodney Franklin4:08
Turn to LoveRodney Franklin4:35
Mediterranean ShoresRodney Franklin5:30
InterludeRodney Franklin1:30
Diamond Inside of YouRodney Franklin3:03

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