Russell Gunn - Love Requiem

Russell Gunn - Love Requiem
Genre: Jazz
Duration: 56:57
Recording Date: August 19, 1997
Artist: Russell Gunn
Album: Love Requiem
Release Date: January 26, 1999
Recording Location: Systems Two Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Styles: Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz

Trumpeter Russell Gunn remembers the breakup of a love affair on this CD, a nine-part suite. His writing recalls Booker Little a bit, while his trumpet playing is closer to Freddie Hubbard's.

The first part of the suite is reasonably happy ("In the Beginning: Love") and then, in sections with titles such as "Deceit," "Psychosis" and "Torment," the music gets rather stormy and downbeat. The final part, "Acceptance," finds him finally coming to terms with the relationship's end. Fortunately, the music itself is not overly gloomy, with heated and sometimes intense soloing from altoist Myron Walden, tenor-saxophonist Mark Turner and the McCoy Tyner-inspired pianist, James Hurt, keeping the proceedings moving. Also on this date is Greg Tardy (one appearance apiece on flute and tenor), vibraphonist Stefon Harris, bassist Eric Revis and drummer Cindy Blackman. The ambitious project is successful (this was Russell Gunn's best recording up to this point) although one wishes that there were some joyful sections to the suite too that remembered the glorious part of the romance.

Love Requiem, Part I: In the Beginning: Love / Russell GunnRussell Gunn9:10
Love Requiem, Part II: Deceit / Russell GunnRussell Gunn9:33
Love Requiem, Part III: Love Requiem / Russell GunnRussell Gunn8:21
Love Requiem, Part IV: Psychosis / Russell GunnRussell Gunn4:48
Love Requiem, Part V: Emptiness / Russell GunnRussell Gunn3:14
Love Requiem, Part VI: Torment- Part One / Russell GunnRussell Gunn3:08
Love Requiem, Part VII: Torment- Part Two / Russell GunnRussell Gunn7:58
Love Requiem, Part VIII: Heartache and Regrets / Russell GunnRussell Gunn7:40
Love Requiem, Part IX: Acceptance / Russell GunnRussell Gunn3:05

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