Salvo Beta - Abrasive Stuttering

Salvo Beta - Abrasive Stuttering
Genre: Electronic
Duration: 01:13:37
Artist: Salvo Beta
Album: Abrasive Stuttering
Release Date: February 13, 2001
Styles: Ambient Breakbeat, Experimental Electro, Ambient House

You may feel the need to adjust your stereo when hearing the confusing moments that open the fittingly titled Abrasive Stuttering, but that's just Salvo Beta (aka Sean Wolfe) getting warmed up for the quivering beats that follow. Over 70 minutes of drum'n'bass and intelligent dance music percolate on this aspiring debut, ranging from jarring percussion to whimpering synth blips. "Bit," the 15-minute closer, assembles a collage of samples for its first minute, only to slip into an expansive, dreary drone. Although there are a few more surprises (voice samples, interesting sound effects, and ambient drifts), this is, for the most part, suited for leisurely, background entertainment.

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