Scott Walker - Climate of Hunter

Scott Walker - Climate of Hunter
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 31:24
Artist: Scott Walker
Album: Climate of Hunter
Release Date: 1984

Walker's only album of the 1980s was both a blow for artistic credibility, and a blow against most of his old fans. The voice of the balladeer was still intact, and still even crooned sometimes.

But the arrangements backed brow-furrowing, obtuse lyrics with '80s-oriented rock that incorporated some quasi-classical structures. Walker was seemingly more interested in painting abstracts in which the textures counted more than the content. This made for an album which may have been a hell of a lot more interesting than '80s efforts by other '60s pop stars, but at the same time it was rather impenetrable, and one's attention tended to drift off over the course of the set.

Yet it was not half as radical as the avant-garde direction he would stake out with his next album ten years later, Tilt.

Rawhide / Scott WalkerScott Walker3:56
Dealer / Scott WalkerScott Walker5:12
[Track Three] / Scott WalkerScott Walker3:50
Sleepwalkers Woman / Scott WalkerScott Walker4:11
[Track Five] / Scott WalkerScott Walker3:36
[Track Six] / Scott WalkerScott Walker3:36
[Track Seven] / Scott WalkerScott Walker3:47
Blanket Roll Blues / Kenyon Hopkins / Tennessee WilliamsScott Walker3:16

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