Sergio in Acapulco - Visits an Island

Sergio in Acapulco - Visits an Island
Genre: Easy Listening
Duration: 53:54
Artist: Sergio in Acapulco
Album: Visits an Island
Release Date: May 11, 2006
SergioSergio in Acapulco2:15
IslandSergio in Acapulco4:58
So NiceSergio in Acapulco2:18
One KissSergio in Acapulco4:22
The GunfighterSergio in Acapulco3:21
HoneychildSergio in Acapulco2:38
Latin LoungeSergio in Acapulco3:57
BondanovaSergio in Acapulco3:36
Love & MusicSergio in Acapulco2:59
Ramblin ManSergio in Acapulco3:00
Cry for the LonelySergio in Acapulco2:16
Big LoveSergio in Acapulco3:59
The Jazz ClubSergio in Acapulco2:09
BoyfriendSergio in Acapulco1:29
Beat 16Sergio in Acapulco3:12
SheSergio in Acapulco5:26
CharmedSergio in Acapulco1:59

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