Sheep on Drugs - Greatest Hits

Sheep on Drugs - Greatest Hits
Genre: Electronic
Duration: 56:50
Recording Date: 1993
Artist: Sheep on Drugs
Album: Greatest Hits
Release Date: 1993
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Ambient, Electronica, Industrial, Rave, Techno

Back when house and industrial looked like they might actually crack into the mainstream, bands like Sheep on Drugs were popping up all around the underground.

Boasting techno beats and rapped vocals with British accents, the Sheep made fun, club-friendly music that never did anything too original, but was at least commendable for its power on the dancefloor. The lyrics cater to the scene they were a part of; songs like "Acid Test" and "Mary Jane" are disco drug anthems while "Uberman" and "Motorbike" are boasts about "success" and sexual exploits. The music is very connected to 1993, but fans of house music may find this more interesting than the average listener. Do not be fooled by the claims that this is industrial music; there is nothing remotely like Ministry or Einsturzende Neubauten here.

Uberman / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs6:22
Acid Test / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs5:18
15 Minutes of Fame / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs5:06
Track X / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs5:12
Suzy Z / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs7:01
Catch 22 / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs6:01
Mary Jane / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs5:27
Motorbike / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs5:15
TV USA / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs5:26
Chard / Sheep on DrugsSheep on Drugs5:43
[Untitled Hidden Track]Sheep on Drugs3:04

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