Shibboleth - Experiment in Error

Shibboleth - Experiment in Error
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 50:03
Artist: Shibboleth
Album: Experiment in Error
Release Date: May 13, 2008

Nowadays, instrumental bands have a tough road to find attention.

But this Dallas outfit is smart enough to bring back the time, as late as the '60s, when vocal-less incursions in the charts were amusingly common, and jaunty practitioners like Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass could cross over hits like "Spanish Flea" into the Dating Game theme. Experiment in Error is modernly produced, vintage fun from all over the spectrum, with happy organs you used to hear at sports arenas, the Western guitar rock of Duane Eddy and the Shadows, bits and pieces of spaghetti Western films, lots of Henry Mancini (the "Baby Elephant Walk" kind), "Music to Watch Girls By," Tex-Mex, and shades of Alpert, the Cars/Devo, and a primary '80s precursor, Wall of Voodoo. With this kind of upbeat joy, you don't need singing.

The 1912 Horsey Rebellion / Rich MartinShibboleth2:23
The Bavarian / Rich MartinShibboleth3:41
Experiment in Error / Rich MartinShibboleth3:49
Meatballs / Don CentoShibboleth3:19
The Boss Bass Flute of Ian Whithurst-McKenneth / Rich MartinShibboleth3:22
Collapse of the Boney Horseman / Rich MartinShibboleth3:23
Bill Cosby / Don CentoShibboleth3:17
Knute / Rich MartinShibboleth3:45
Do Not Forsake Me Billy Bremner / Rich MartinShibboleth2:43
Goats Across the Fire / Don Cento / Rich MartinShibboleth3:35
Bullets Up Your Sleeve / Don CentoShibboleth3:21
These Are My Cousins and Cydebar / Rich MartinShibboleth2:40
Water, Fire, Carpentry / Don CentoShibboleth1:46
Peacock's Big Cop-Up / Rich MartinShibboleth4:15
Styro Sings, Styro Sobs / Don CentoShibboleth4:44

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