Simon & Garfunkel - The Concert in Central Park

Simon & Garfunkel - The Concert in Central Park
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:15:51
Artist: Simon & Garfunkel
Album: The Concert in Central Park
Release Date: February, 1982
Recording Location: Central Park, New York City, NY [live]
Styles: AM Pop, Folk-Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Simon & Garfunkel reunited on September 19, 1981, to perform a free concert in Central Park, New York City. This two-record set presents some of the duo's biggest hits in a live context, and also allows listeners a chance to hear what many Simon solo numbers could sound like in S&G mode.

Mrs. Robinson / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel3:52
Homeward Bound / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel4:22
America / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel4:57
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel3:22
Scarborough Fair / Art Garfunkel / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel3:52
April Come She Will / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel2:37
Wake Up Little Susie / Boudleaux Bryant / Felice BryantSimon & Garfunkel2:19
Still Crazy After All These Years / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel3:55
American Tune / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel4:33
Late in the Evening / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel4:09
Slip Slidin' Away / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel4:54
A Heart in New York / Benny Gallagher / Graham LyleSimon & Garfunkel2:49
Kodachrome/Maybellene / Chuck Berry / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel5:51
Bridge over Troubled Water / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel4:48
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel4:23
The Boxer / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel6:02
Old Friends / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel2:52
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel2:01
The Sound of Silence / Paul SimonSimon & Garfunkel4:13

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