Sirens' Song - Daughter of Ocean

Sirens' Song - Daughter of Ocean
Genre: Folk
Duration: 38:03
Artist: Sirens' Song
Album: Daughter of Ocean
Release Date: 2000
Daughter of OceanSirens' Song2:12
La Coeur du la MereSirens' Song4:03
Sailing Free and EasySirens' Song2:02
Voices in the WindSirens' Song4:00
Sweet Gypsy KingSirens' Song2:15
Over the Sea to SkyeSirens' Song2:08
Frog and MouseSirens' Song1:51
Mountain DewSirens' Song1:52
Native GroundSirens' Song3:28
Ocean SongSirens' Song2:21
Silver RainSirens' Song3:12
JamisonSirens' Song2:31
Won't You ComeSirens' Song2:11
Cry Like an AngelSirens' Song3:57

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