Sister R. Mildred Barker - Early Shaker Spirituals

Sister R. Mildred Barker - Early Shaker Spirituals
Genre: Country
Duration: 50:48
Recording Date: 1963 - 1976
Artist: Sister R. Mildred Barker
Album: Early Shaker Spirituals
Release Date: 1996
Styles: Bluegrass, Country Gospel, Gospel, Old-Timey, String Bands, Traditional Bluegrass
The Rolling DeepSister R. Mildred Barker1:18
I Hunger and ThirstSister R. Mildred Barker1:41
Come Life Shaker LifeSister R. Mildred Barker0:22
On Zion's Holy GroundSister R. Mildred Barker0:35
Little ChildernSister R. Mildred Barker1:30
Down in the Lowly ValveSister R. Mildred Barker0:31
I'll Spend and Be SpentSister R. Mildred Barker1:35
The Gospel Is AdvancingSister R. Mildred Barker1:48
'Tis the Gift to Be SimpleSister R. Mildred Barker1:10
Low, Low in This Pretty PathSister R. Mildred Barker1:06
I Will Walk My ChildrenSister R. Mildred Barker1:05
Bow Down, O ZionSister R. Mildred Barker1:00
Low Down in the ValleySister R. Mildred Barker2:02
I Love Mother, I Love Her WaySister R. Mildred Barker1:22
Who Will Bow and Bend Like the WillowSister R. Mildred Barker1:02
I Looked and Lo a LambSister R. Mildred Barker1:35
On Learning SongsSister R. Mildred Barker1:57
Let Me Have Mother's GospelSister R. Mildred Barker0:26
With a New TongueSister R. Mildred Barker0:45
On Sister Paulina SpringerSister R. Mildred Barker2:55
I Never Did BelieveSister R. Mildred Barker1:17
O Holy FatherSister R. Mildred Barker1:06
Yielding and SimpleSister R. Mildred Barker1:05
We Must Be MeekSister R. Mildred Barker1:00
O Brighter Than the Morning StarSister R. Mildred Barker1:10
Farewell, Earthly JoySister R. Mildred Barker1:46
Down to the Deep and Rolling RiverSister R. Mildred Barker1:30
My Home, My Sweet Home in ZionSister R. Mildred Barker2:11
O the Gospel of MotherSister R. Mildred Barker0:58
I Bless the DaySister R. Mildred Barker1:49
This Gospel How PreciousSister R. Mildred Barker1:48
I Feel the Need of a Deeper BatismSister R. Mildred Barker1:00
Gospel Kindred, How I Love YouSister R. Mildred Barker1:05
Love Is LittleSister R. Mildred Barker0:45
Love, More LoveSister R. Mildred Barker0:43
How Lovely Are the Faithful SoulsSister R. Mildred Barker0:47
Where Is the Gem?Sister R. Mildred Barker1:23
Blessed, Thrice BlessedSister R. Mildred Barker1:30
O Give Me a Little LoveSister R. Mildred Barker1:16
We Will All Go Home With YouSister R. Mildred Barker0:54

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