Sizzla - Up in Fire

Sizzla - Up in Fire
Genre: Reggae
Duration: 51:17
Artist: Sizzla
Album: Up in Fire
Release Date: September 24, 2002
Recording Location: Anchor Rec., Jamaica; HC&F Rec., NY; Mixing Lab, Jamaica
Styles: Dancehall, Roots Reggae

Sizzla offers up the perfect audio text for women's studies classes; one can almost hear future generations of cultural anthropologists rubbing their hands together with glee before diving into this treasure trove. In fact, entire dissertations have been written with flimsier evidence than what the DJ provides on this album.In quick succession, Sizzla runs across the spectrum of male attitudes towards females, kicking off with the romantic "We've Been Together," filled with adoration and adulation for the woman he loves. Admiration is also evident later in the set with the equally laudatory "Black Woman Showoff." But respect soon turns to distaste when presented with the archetypal, deceptive Jezebel of "Beautiful Eyes," a lovely number that sets the stage for the chauvinism implicit in Sizzla's attitude towards women, as he consigns this particular flirt to the flames.

There are no such strictures on his own behavior, as the DJ turns from "Beautiful Eyes" to the doe-eyed, and demands, "Gimme all the girls." It's title "Mek Lot a Doe" is clever, as is the irresistible bounce of the supporting rhythm; a dancehall anthem in the making. "Oh Yes Baby," he's got them all, and the graphic sexual demands he makes on this number could conceivably make even Lil' Kim blush.Pure pornography completes the gamut of male-female relationships, but then a further boon for the women's studies students, "Baby," is immediately followed by the alpha male posturing of "Can't Touch Mi Turf." A professor couldn't invent a better example of the close ties between aggressive sexuality and power politics.

There again, the alpha must keep close watch on the younger males of his pack, and Sizzla does precisely that on "Out di Way," as the roaring pack take to the streets, led by their righteous leader, for by now, the DJ is shifting towards cultural themes.

He reaches a crescendo with a phenomenal version of "Real," forcefully voicing his personal philosophy and views on life and the world around him. It's a theme he continues on "All the Best," as he imparts his wisdom and lessons from the school of hard knocks.Set to the toughest of dancehall rhythms, with a minimal of melody, fleshed out with a pair of instrumental versions and a remix of "Doe," Sizzla passes "Judgement" on Babylon, and sends the city Up in Fire. But the buying public will judge the fate of this album -- prigs and the moral patrols will consign it to the waste bin -- but one suspects that in the dancehalls the crashing rhythms, and Sizzla's vociferously voiced opinions, will simmer for months to come.

We've Been Together / C. Clarke / Miguel CollinsSizzla3:31
Beautiful EyesSizzla3:41
Mek Lot a DoeSizzla3:46
Oh Yes Baby / C. Clarke / Miguel CollinsSizzla4:14
Can't Touch Mi TurfSizzla3:29
Out Di WaySizzla3:47
Black Woman ShowoffSizzla3:49
Real (The Live Feel)Sizzla2:56
What Dat / Winston FosterSizzla3:46
All the Best / John PrineSizzla3:28
Mek Lot a DoeSizzla3:48

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