Song Of Earth - Song of Earth

Song Of Earth - Song of Earth
Genre: New Age
Duration: 01:07:20
Recording Date: April, 1994 - September, 1994
Artist: Song Of Earth
Album: Song of Earth
Release Date: 1991

This unique series of recordings was created from the Voyager I and II findings as they sailed around the planets and moons in our solar system. The complex interactions of charged electromagnetic particles from solar winds and planetary magnetosphere create soundscapes which are at once utterly alien and deeply familiar to the ear. Some of these sounds are hauntingly like human voices singing, giant Tibetan bowls, wind, waves, birds and dolphins. Voyager has left our solar system forever. The sounds on these recordings will never be made again in our lifetime. These may be purchased separately.

Song of Earth: NASA Space Recordings of EarthSong Of Earth30:49

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