Steve Grossman - The Bible

Steve Grossman - The Bible
Genre: Jazz
Duration: 42:33
Artist: Steve Grossman
Album: The Bible
Release Date: February 14, 2006
Styles: Hard Bop

Released in 2006, The Bible is a remastered version of Steve Grossman's underappreciated 1973 debut Some Shapes to Come. It was re-released by Mambo Maniacs Records.

Nothing has changed -- same tracking order, no alternate or bonus cuts -- it just features better sound quality. Since the original is not readily available on CD or as a digital download, this set of songs is usually refered as "The Bible" by many listeners and fans not familiar with the original title. The album teams Grossman with fellow Miles Davis alum Don Alias, bassist Gene Perla (the three later formed power trio Stone Alliance), and Mahavishnu pianist Jan Hammer.

The seven-track set is a collection of Afro-Cuban-tinged, gutter funk, seething jazz. "Zulu Stomp" is an oft-employed breakbeat used widely in the '80s and '90s when hip-hop producers culled heavily from jazz and funk intros and breaks for rhythm riffs.

There are no lowlights on this album, no soft moments.

Often overlooked, it is one of the most unheralded jazz gems of the '70s.

WBAISteve Grossman1:56
HaresahSteve Grossman7:11
Zulu StompSteve Grossman6:17
Extemporaneous CombustionSteve Grossman6:11
Alodian ModeSteve Grossman6:52
Pressure PointSteve Grossman4:51
The Sixth SenseSteve Grossman9:15

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