Subhankar Banerjee - The Tabla Series

Subhankar Banerjee - The Tabla Series
Genre: International
Duration: 01:13:17
Artist: Subhankar Banerjee
Album: The Tabla Series
Release Date: September 27, 2005
Recording Location: Virtual Studios, Sanjaya, Gujarat, India
Styles: Indian, Indian Subcontinent Traditions
Vilambeet Teentaal: PeshkarSubhankar Banerjee10:56
Vilambeet Teentaal: QaidaSubhankar Banerjee4:24
Vilambeet Teentaal: QaidaSubhankar Banerjee3:45
Vilambeet Teentaal: QaidaSubhankar Banerjee3:17
Vilambeet Teentaal: Laggi-LariSubhankar Banerjee4:45
Ada Chautaal: PeshkarSubhankar Banerjee6:24
Ada Chautaal: QaidaSubhankar Banerjee3:35
Ada Chautaal: QaidaSubhankar Banerjee4:59
Ada Chautaal: QaidaSubhankar Banerjee3:03
Ada Chautaal: RelaSubhankar Banerjee4:59
Ada Chautaal: TukraSubhankar Banerjee2:08
Ada Chautaal: RelaSubhankar Banerjee2:17
Drut Teentaal: ParanSubhankar Banerjee1:30
Drut Teentaal: RelaSubhankar Banerjee2:48
Drut Teentaal: Chakradar/Anaghat/Rela/TukraSubhankar Banerjee7:24
Drut Teentaal: LaggiSubhankar Banerjee7:03

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