Tangerine Dream - Dream Mixes, Vol. 4

Tangerine Dream - Dream Mixes, Vol. 4
Genre: Electronic
Duration: 01:09:32
Recording Date: 2003
Artist: Tangerine Dream
Album: Dream Mixes, Vol. 4
Release Date: June 1, 2004
Styles: Ambient, Art Rock, Experimental Electronic, Kraut Rock, Prog-Rock, Keyboard/Synthesizer/New Age
Losing the PerspectiveTangerine Dream1:12
World of the DayTangerine Dream5:29
Perplex PartsTangerine Dream8:06
Cosmic MerrimentTangerine Dream9:05
MessengerTangerine Dream7:09
Rebound 03Tangerine Dream8:56
Floating HigherTangerine Dream5:48
From Kiev With LoveTangerine Dream6:51
Meta Morph MagicTangerine Dream7:44
The Metropolitan SphereTangerine Dream9:12

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