Terry Anderson - When the Oakteam Comes to Town

Terry Anderson - When the Oakteam Comes to Town
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:04:44
Artist: Terry Anderson
Album: When the Oakteam Comes to Town
Release Date: March 20, 2007

No, not the journalist kidnapped in Lebanon, the late English soccer star, the conservative Canadian politico, or the L.A. radio illegal-immigration obsessive -- this Terry Anderson is Raleigh, NC's gift to good ol' ass-kickin' American rock. As raucous as a GBV live LP, but in a black-based ‘50s/‘60s rockin' mode, When the Oakteam Comes to Town catches helacious pub rockers kickin' out all jams. Bringing back Brits Dave Edmunds/Rockpile, Dr. Feelgood, and Eddie & the Hotrods, Connecticut's Reducers, or Mitch Ryder's badass Detroit Wheels, they're recorded on stage, where they belong.

"Mr. Bus Driver Man" references Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little 16" as nakedly as the Beach Boys' "Surfin' USA," and that's surely Dr. Hook drinking with Ducks Deluxe on the comical "Killin' Down in Dillon." This is music for Raleigh's Brewery club -- or any brewery full of the local suds, sweat, backbeat, humor, and gutbucket rock. Start dancing!

Weather or Not / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:23
Killin' Down in Dillon / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson2:46
Mr. Bus Driver Man / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:23
Daddy Had a Wreck / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson2:32
You Know Me / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson2:39
Sunday Dress / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:05
Hi N' Dry / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:38
Boyfriend, Pt. 2 / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:36
I Can Give You Everything / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:02
Gityoassupdaroad / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson4:43
Yesterday Clyde Virginia / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:06
Fat Lady in the Stands / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson1:54
$ of an Education / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:15
Feel a Drunk / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson2:32
College Girls / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:18
$100 a Week / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson2:43
Livin' with the Pain / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson2:25
Thunderbird / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson3:11
Check Please / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson2:29
Church Folks / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson2:49
37 Miles in Reverse / Terry AndersonTerry Anderson4:15

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