The New York Room - 1991-1995

The New York Room - 1991-1995
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:12:25
Artist: The New York Room
Album: 1991-1995
Release Date: February 22, 2005
Religion (Theme I)The New York Room1:58
The Days of Wine & RosesThe New York Room0:19
MariaThe New York Room4:54
The Mists of Avalon (For Cheryl)The New York Room3:42
RavenThe New York Room4:57
Winter GardensThe New York Room3:43
Blue DahliaThe New York Room5:39
The Ruins of Athens (1st Movement)The New York Room1:40
Ethereal GloomThe New York Room3:22
Kiss of the SuccubusThe New York Room4:03
I Still Hear Your NameThe New York Room3:43
Redemption (Hangs Upon the Nails)The New York Room3:38
Black LightThe New York Room3:33
InvocationThe New York Room1:12
Veils of BaghdadThe New York Room1:02
The Seventeen-Year-LocustsThe New York Room1:49
Minion of the GypsiesThe New York Room4:37
Within the Folds of Angel WingsThe New York Room3:40
Guardian AngelThe New York Room3:21
The Ruins of Athens (2nd Movement)The New York Room2:59
RequiemThe New York Room4:32
The Funderal of King SolomonThe New York Room4:02

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