The Offspring - The Offspring

The Offspring - The Offspring
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 31:23
Artist: The Offspring
Album: The Offspring
Release Date: 1989
Recording Location: South Coast Recording
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk-Pop, Punk Revival, Alternative Pop/Rock

The Offspring's self-titled debut album is a rawer, harder-edged collection than their breakthrough set, Smash, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a better record. Although it makes a more convincing argument for the band's punk credibility -- the record lacks the metal guitar crunch that dominated Smash -- The Offspring doesn't have any songs driven by hooks as catchy as "Keep 'Em Separated" or "Self Esteem," nor does it have the consistency of Smash. A handful of tracks make a lasting impression, but most of The Offspring is notable for its surface style, not its substance.

Jennifer Lost the War / The OffspringThe Offspring2:35
Elders / The OffspringThe Offspring2:11
Out on Patrol / The OffspringThe Offspring2:32
Crossroads / The OffspringThe Offspring2:48
Demons / The OffspringThe Offspring3:10
Beheaded / James Lilja / The OffspringThe Offspring2:52
Tehran / The OffspringThe Offspring3:06
A Thousand Days / The OffspringThe Offspring2:11
Black Ball / The OffspringThe Offspring3:24
I'll Be Waiting / The OffspringThe Offspring3:12
Kill the President / The OffspringThe Offspring3:22

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