The Stickers - The Stickers

The Stickers - The Stickers
Genre: Country
Duration: 38:31
Artist: The Stickers
Album: The Stickers
Release Date: July 7, 2009
Girl in a Pick Up TruckThe Stickers3:05
She Don't Like a ThingThe Stickers3:42
Young Wild & FreeThe Stickers4:06
I Will Stand by YouThe Stickers3:30
Under the CoversThe Stickers3:21
You Put the Woo in MeThe Stickers3:45
We Won't Look BackThe Stickers3:21
Calling on All AngelsThe Stickers4:00
One More Shot of WhiskeyThe Stickers3:17
All I Want Is YouThe Stickers3:16
Let's Make Some MemoriesThe Stickers3:08

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