Tying Tiffany - Brain for Breakfast

Tying Tiffany - Brain for Breakfast
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 46:17
Artist: Tying Tiffany
Album: Brain for Breakfast
Release Date: September 25, 2007
Styles: Electro
ChingaTying Tiffany1:53
Not a ShameTying Tiffany2:41
I Can Do ItTying Tiffany4:18
Download MeTying Tiffany feat: Wolfgang Schrodl3:18
I'd Rather Bet on OutsidersTying Tiffany3:35
SatelliteTying Tiffany3:53
I Wanna Be Your MP3Tying Tiffany2:10
Unstoppable SpankerTying Tiffany feat: Santo Niente3:40
PazzaTying Tiffany2:57
Slow Motion [Nic Endo Remix]Tying Tiffany4:20
Shake a SnakeTying Tiffany2:19
Hollywood HookTying Tiffany3:30
Easy LifeTying Tiffany2:24
State of MindTying Tiffany feat: Pete Namlock5:19

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