Vinny Golia - Feeding Frenzy

Vinny Golia - Feeding Frenzy
Genre: Jazz
Duration: 01:17:26
Recording Date: January 25, 2002
Artist: Vinny Golia
Album: Feeding Frenzy
Release Date: November, 2002
Recording Location: Newzone Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Styles: Modern Creative, Free Jazz, Third Stream, Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz

What is so compelling about Vinny Golia's work is his ability as a composer to imagine the way things might sound through experimentation. Here, he performs ten of his compositions on piccolos, flutes, and clarinet with a traditional string quartet of two violins, cello, and string bass. Rather than simply using the strings as a backdrop, Golia brings them to the forefront. It is difficult to tell where composition and improvisation diverge, but Golia solos often either with or without the strings. For example, on "Subtrafuge," his incredible technique permits him to dance elastically with virtually no support underneath. This album is a classic gender-smasher, with Golia's mature writing incorporating strategies from modern classical music, while he engages in free improvisation on the reeds. The strings are much more than wallpaper: Their parts feature them in a wild run through the park, with splendid intensity and active, forward-moving lines. As Golia flutters and stretches -- sometimes to amazing heights -- the strings are usually with him, bantering and buzzing like bees on speed. At other times, individual string players come forward and provide what appears to be creative improvisation. (If they are not improvising, then Golia makes them seem as though they were). On "When Elephants Then Come Waltzing Through Your Living Room," the string quartet shows it ability to indulge in a variety of moods, from slow and endearing to fast and furious.

Title Sequence / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia8:28
She's Joan Raymond / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia6:23
Things the Dobsons Could Have Taught Us / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia7:34
Biograph / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia6:19
Did I Forget to Mention That? / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia6:43
Death of the Tremelo / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia9:58
Bare-Handed Cricket Catch / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia3:50
Oil for the Burning Fires / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia9:17
Subtrafuge / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia11:47
When Elephants Then Come Waltzing Through Your Living Room / Vinny GoliaVinny Golia7:07

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