WhiteHeart - Highlands

WhiteHeart - Highlands
Genre: Religious
Duration: 48:50
Recording Date: December, 1992 - August, 1993
Artist: WhiteHeart
Album: Highlands
Release Date: 1994
Recording Location: Battery Studio, Nashville, TN; Bennett House Studio, Franklin, TN; Boardroom Studio, Nashville, TN; OmniSound Studios, Nashville, TN; Quad Studios, Nashville, TN
Styles: Christian Rock, Contemporary Christian, Gospel

Another artistic high-water mark for the band, which now includes Adam Again member John Knox on drums. The influence of '70s prog rockers like Yes and Kansas is interwoven with Celtic themes for a Christian rock classic.

You Can See the World / Mark Gersmehl / Billy SmileyWhiteHeart4:23
Nothing But the Best / Mark Gersmehl / Antoine Salley / Billy Smiley / Brian WootenWhiteHeart3:45
Heaven of My Heart / Mark Gersmehl / Billy SmileyWhiteHeart6:13
Once and for All / Mark Gersmehl / Billy SmileyWhiteHeart5:05
Excuse Me, Forgive Me / Mark Gersmehl / Jon Knox / Billy SmileyWhiteHeart4:21
Change the Way / Mark Gersmehl / Billy SmileyWhiteHeart4:51
Highland of Love / Mark Gersmehl / Billy SmileyWhiteHeart5:05
The Cry / Mark Gersmehl / Billy SmileyWhiteHeart5:32
Let My People Go / Mark Gersmehl / Antoine Salley / Billy Smiley / Brian WootenWhiteHeart5:25
The Flame Passes On / Mark Gersmehl / Billy SmileyWhiteHeart4:10

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