Yellow Machinegun - Build & Destroy

Yellow Machinegun - Build & Destroy
Genre: Pop\Rock
Artist: Yellow Machinegun
Album: Build & Destroy
Release Date: September 3, 1999
My Eyes Under the SandsYellow Machinegun
MemoryYellow Machinegun
NightmareYellow Machinegun
Red SunYellow Machinegun
If I Had the LegsYellow Machinegun
HeartacheYellow Machinegun
HopeYellow Machinegun
Build and DeStroyYellow Machinegun
From the Beginning to Far AwayYellow Machinegun
You Can See It, But I CantYellow Machinegun
New WorldYellow Machinegun
Enjoy Your Life~This Cliff of Waste~Yellow Machinegun
Right or LeftYellow Machinegun
Need 2Yellow Machinegun

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