Yukihiro Takahashi - Wild & Moody

Yukihiro Takahashi - Wild & Moody
Genre: Pop\Rock
Artist: Yukihiro Takahashi
Album: Wild & Moody
Release Date: 1985

Another album featuring Takahashi's continued collaboration with Bill Nelson; unfortunately, the production by Takahashi himself cops too many licks from sparse techno-pop, circa 1985 (big drums, DX7, a habit of "rockin' out"), and doesn't add anything of his own signature sound. If this wasn't Takahashi singing, it could be anybody; the band could be the Associates on a bad day. Iva Davies of Icehouse lends backing vocals to most tracks, duets on some; Nelson lends bass.

There are some pretty melodies here, hiding under all the sequenced, unchanging drum tracks, no doubt -- "The Price to Pay" is polished and professional; "Stranger Things Have Happened" could have been slick radio fodder on the other side of the Pacific.

Otherwise, the album is overlong and undernourished.

Wild and Moody / Yukihiro TakahashiYukihiro Takahashi
Stranger Things Have Happened / Steve Jansen / Yukihiro TakahashiYukihiro Takahashi
Kill That Thermostat / Peter Barakan / Yukihiro TakahashiYukihiro Takahashi
Helpless / Neil YoungYukihiro Takahashi
The Price to Pay / Peter Barakan / Yukihiro TakahashiYukihiro Takahashi
Bounds of Reason Bounds of Love / Yukihiro TakahashiYukihiro Takahashi
Walking to the Beat / Yukihiro TakahashiYukihiro Takahashi

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