Zombie Nation - Absorber

Zombie Nation - Absorber
Genre: Electronic
Duration: 01:04:17
Artist: Zombie Nation
Album: Absorber
Release Date: December 9, 2003
Styles: Club/Dance
Souls at Zero / Splank!Zombie Nation5:14
Chowpatty Slices / Splank!Zombie Nation5:05
Mr. Sunbeam / Splank!Zombie Nation3:52
Cycles to Failure / Splank!Zombie Nation5:36
Push / Splank!Zombie Nation4:37
Tape Me / Splank!Zombie Nation4:35
Automatic Gestalt / Splank!Zombie Nation4:47
Stricken / Splank!Zombie Nation5:00
The Cut / Splank!Zombie Nation feat: My Robot Friend4:35
Redefine / Splank!Zombie Nation feat: My Robot Friend5:26
Crystal Six / Splank!Zombie Nation5:36
Inside the Speaker / Splank!Zombie Nation4:35
Slack Wax / Splank!Zombie Nation5:19

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